• First off, please read what I take to be’s general Terms of Submission, which are what you are actually accepting by ticking the check box at the bottom, not just the following points.
  • curvature is noncommercial/not-for-profit, so obviously you won’t get paid for your submission. What you get is free exposure to a steadily increasing number of readers.
  • Please submit only your own work. If you would like to see another person’s work posted, please point them to the site and let them submit it themselves.
  • I will only post stuff I like, but as you can judge from the range of images posted so far my taste is quite catholic - or maybe I have none. :-)
  • All rights to your work remain yours, as far as I am concerned.
  • Include any information you want posted alongside your work in the field provided for the caption, i. e. your name, website, other contact information.
  • curvature is not responsible for any (ab)uses your work might be subjected to by third parties after its publication on curvature. You’ll have to deal with them yourself.
  • If, at any later date, you should want your work removed from curvature, contact me and it will be done ASAP.